April 5, 2016
Introduction to Mindful Leadership: You, & the Essence of Mindful Leadership

Foundational Assignment (Complete the Foundational Assignment Before Turning to the Readings for Today's Class) (Click here if you have not already seen the Foundational Assignment Page)

Readings for Class Discussion:

Kabat-Zinn, J., Mindfulness for Beginners (pp 9-20). [Click here]
Be Prepared to Discuss: In what ways is “Beginner's Mind” relevant to leadership?”

Chopra, D., "The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness”
Be Prepared to Discuss: What does inspired leadership mean to me? Think of one or more individuals who you think is an inspired leader (does not need to be famous), and try to describe this person(s) leadership attributes.

Fadia, A., Self-leadership: Bringing Personal Leadership to Relevance
Be Prepared to Discuss: What does the author mean by “self leadership.” Would you agree with the author that we are over-managed and under-led?

Mindful Leadership
George, B., Developing Mindful Leaders for the C-Suite (Harvard Business Review)
Contemplate: Is there anything you find surprising in this article?

Seppala, E., How Meditation Benefits CEO’s
Contemplate: Why are leaders of corporate America finding to be of value about meditation?

Science of Mindfulness
Congleton, Holzel, & Lazar, “Mindfulness Can Literally Change your Brain,” Harv. Bus. Rev. (Jan 8, 2015)
Be Prepared to Discuss: What have you learned about the science of mindfulness?
Video Recording:

Mindfulness Practice:
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Insight Timer App:
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2. Join the “Mindfulness in Law” group
3. Friend Scott
Aspiration for Class:
Come to class with a Beginner's Mind.