April 6, 2016
Leadership Principles & the Art and Science of Mindfulness

Readings for Class Discussion:

George, B & Sims, P., True North Introduction (Handed out in class)

Keohane, N., "What determines Who Becomes a Leader and Which Leaders Will Succeed?" (From Chapter 3 in "Think About Leadership" ((Princeton University Press, 2012)).
Be Prepared to Discuss: What attributes of leadership described in this chapter resonate most for you? Why does the author suggest that good judgment is the most valuable attribute of leadership? Do you agree with the author's views on what weight should be given to "vision" as an attribute of leadership?

Reflection: Think of a situation in which you observed good or bad judgment in a leader. Reflect on what may have been the cause of that good or bad judgment call. Be prepared to share.

D’Intino, et al., “Self-Leadership: A Process for Entrepreneurial Success (Optional)

Rogers, S., “What do we want? Mindfulness in Law!! [Click here]
Draw upon the reading to further develop your understanding of mindfulness practice.

Science of Mindfulness
Rock, D., Your Brain at Work, Intermission: Meet the Directorr. (Handed out in class)
reflect on the connection between the Director and Mindfulness. Who is the Director? is a Leader the Director?

Ricard, Lutz & Davidson, “Mind of the meditator” (Nov. 2014) Scientific American (Optional)

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Five-Minute Guided Mindfulness “Focused Attention” Practice
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Five-Minute Guided “Open Monitoring” Mindfulness Practice

Aspiration for Class:
Notice distractions that arises during the day and evening and that ways that they “lead” you.