April 9, 2016
Mindful Leadership Immersion

Readings for Class Discussion:

Kabat-Zinn, J., Mindfulness for Beginners (pp 24-46)
Contemplate: In what ways does mindful awareness awaken the leader within ourselves?

Marturano, J., "Reduce the Noise, Capture the Signal" (From Chapter 6, Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership")
Be prepared to discuss: Why is listening important to leadership? What does it mean to listen mindfully? Does listening mindfully influence what you say or do?

Greenleaf, R., "Servant Leadership: Leadership and the Unknown"
Be prepared to discuss: What does Greenleaf mean when he says leaders “need to know the unknowable and foresee the unforeseeable? How might leaders prepare themselves to meet such expectations?

Salzberg, S., "Integrity" (From Chapter 6, "Real Happiness at Work")
Contemplate the connection between integrity, satisfaction at work, and competence.

Rogers, S., Mindfulness for Law Students (Chapter 3: The Neural Circuit Court, pp. 21-25)
Be Prepared to Discuss: In what ways might the science of mindfulness influence your interest in mindfulness? Do you think it would influence you interest in practicing mindfulness?

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Five-Minute Guided Mindfulness “Focused Attention” Practice
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Five-Minute Guided “Open Monitoring” Mindfulness Practice

Video Recording:
Dudley, D., Everyday Leadership (6-minute TED Talk)
Contemplate: “It is our light, and not our darkness that frightens us.”

Aspiration for Class:
Don't just be there, be present.