April 12, 2016
Group Presentations

As you prepare for Tuesday's group presentations, read these two chapters (excerpted portions) attending to the leadership and mindfulness principles and exercises they espouse. As you do, reflect upon the exercises we have learned and been practicing, and consider how they may be integrated into moments of personal practice as well as times spent engaging with other people.

Marturano, J., "Leading in the Midst of Chaos," (Chapter One: Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership).

George, B. & Sims, P., “Self-Awareness(Chapter Four: True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership: Expanded).


Daily Practice with Insight Timer:
Practice at least once each day using Insight Timer. Endeavor to practice at least 10 minutes. After your practice is complete, please use Insight Timer to communicate to me your observations. If you are having difficulty with Insight Timer, you may text what 786-239-9318 (please identify yourself)

Mindful Spaces:
You will receive an e-mail letting you know of Mindful Spaces taking place this week that you may join in to practice while on campus.

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Ten-Minute Guided Mindfulness “Focused Attention” Practice
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Five-Minute Guided “Open Monitoring” Mindfulness Practice