Foundational Class Assignment

This assignment, which consists of two short papers and the ranking of 4 items, is due to be turned in no later than Monday, April 4th at 1:00 pm, prior to our first class together. Please take your time as you read and reflect on the assignment as it will serve as a foundational exercise--flowing throughout the class and playing a meaningful role in your final paper.

When complete, you may hand in two copies to Deb Martin in Room A212 or e-mail a copy to her at:

The assignment is due on or before April 4th at 1:00 pm.

Rock, D., Your Brain at Work, Derailed by Drama (Scene 7).
Reflect on a situation you have experienced when you were detailed by drama.

Writing Assignment (No. 1)
Write a 1/2 page to 1 page paper describing the situation you experienced and what you learned from the chapter to better understand what may have been at play.

George B., & Sims, P., True North (Introduction and Chapter One)
If you were interviewed by George and Sims for their book, what story would you tell?

Writing Assignment (No. 2)
1. Select a quoted passage from Chapter 1 (The Journey to Authentic Leadership) that resonated with you.

2. Write a 2 page paper on why you connect with the story. Bring some measure of leadership into what you write, though it need not be the focus.

3. When you finish writing, pause and reflect on what you feel to be a key leadership skill or attribute you'd like to develop in yourself. Reduce this to one or two words.

4. At the end of your paper, place on its own line in bold font the key leadership attribute you identified.

Instructions: Quote (single space and centered) the passage you selected at the top of the first page. If it is more than a paragraph in length, please adjust the length of your paper accordingly. Paper should be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with one inch margins.

Mindfulness Assignment (No. 3)
In today’s world, there are a great many books written to inform, assist, and support people grappling with a wide range of personal and interpersonal challenges. Mindfulness offers insights and exercises to work more skillfully with these challenges. These include developing greater mastery over (1) what we consume (including food and alcohol), (2) interpersonal interactions (and the regulation of our emotions), (3) distracting devices (including texting and surfing the Internet), and (4) self-discipline (including procrastination, being prompt).

Please list these four items and rank them on a scale of 1 (less challenging) to 4 (more challenging).

___ What We Consume
___ Interpersonal Interactions
___ Distracting Devices
___ Self-Discipline