You will find information pertaining to each of the six classes that comprise this course on a separate page of this website. These pages are listed underneath the "Assignments" portion of the right navigation bar.

Readings for the Foundational Assignment and for the first class can be downloaded from this website on the respective assignment page. The readings for the course are contained in a Reading Packet you can pick up at the Copy Center. They will be ready for you Monday afternoon, April 4th. Deb Martin will send out an e-mail informing you when they are ready to be picked up.

Each Assignment Page on this website lists the required readings for the day. You may read these in advance if you find that helpful to your planning and preparation for class given your other responsibilities. Should you read them in advance, please do reflect on each day's readings before class so that you are prepared to discuss them or integrate them into the class discussion. This is important as additional information may be added after a previous class.

After each class, you will be asked to practice a mindfulness exercise and, from time to time, complete an assignment prior to the next day's class. This information will be added to the Assignment page after we meet so it is important that you look at the assignment page after class. You will also find a link to a short video segment.