Assignment Submission: Subject Line and File Names

When you submit your assignments via e-mail to, use the following naming conventions for your subject line and for the file names.  This ensures that your assignments will be found, retained, and credit will be recorded.  

The subject line is to contain: 

1. Class information [UMML_S2013) followed by
2. The date of the class for which the assignment is due, in this format [YYMMDD], followed by
3. Your last name and first two initials (if you only have two initials, use a Z for the third). 

Between each of the above, place an underscore character [_].  For example, if your name were Oliver Wendell Holmes, and the assignment was to be completed in anticipation of a class to be held on February 27, 2013, your subject line would be as follows: UMML_S2013_130129_HolmesOW.